Wednesday, July 29, 2015

All-time most-visited posts by pageviews

All-time highest pageviews by post

Well, some of this data is not surprising. Anything to do with Kristen Stewart topless is going to outperform pretty much anything else I could legitimately post about Kerouac. I'm glad to see that the link to the full text of On the Road is popular. It surprises me that how to pronounce "Cannes" is such a pageview getter. It's gratifying to see an innocuous post like the one about the word "fellaheen" has garnered attention. I can't explain why my effort at spontaneous prose, "Dimetapp dreams" gets viewed so much. The exclusive making of OTR interview with Gerry Nicosia is rightfully in the top ten list. The Cuba entry may be popular because of the recent warming of relations with that country. IFC films and the OTR movie is a reasonable top-ten post, I suppose, but my tattoo ramble isn't.

There you have it: the top-ten pageview-getters of all time (well, since I started with Google stats in May 2010 - my blog has been around since 2008) and my analysis of same.

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