Monday, March 21, 2016

Patti Smith's M Train

I just finished Patti Smith's M Train, a gift from my great friend and fellow Kerouacian, Richard Marsh. Richard has been a fan of Patti Smith for some time, I think, whereas I have never listened closely to her music nor read her work at all. Until now.

This book is delicious. There were passages that moved me to tears, memories that read like my own, descriptions that transported me to exotic places, references to writers that crept onto my to-read list, and so much more. Patti Smith is so present in these pages that I feel like I know her, that we could sit down for coffee at one of her beloved cafés and it would be like two old friends meeting after a long absence.

This book left me just about wordless. That is how moving it is. Get your own copy and devour it.

Oh, and the Kerouac connection? Smith was great friends with William S. Burroughs. Need more? Click here. Or here. And, she mentions Kerouac in the first chapter of M Train.

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