Sunday, January 1, 2017

New Year's Kerouac-olutions for 2017

Jack Kerouac (L) & Rick Dale (R) posing in front of the Samuel S. Cox statue in Tompkins Square Park, NYC

Welcome to 2017. No new year is complete without a look at how I did with my Kerouac-olutions for 2016:

1. Post on The Daily Beat at least weekly (a "streak") - ACCOMPLISHED
2. Rethink the mission and vision of this blog and act on it - FAIL
3. Read Patti Smith's M Train (a gift from my BFF Richard Marsh) - ACCOMPLISHED
4. Hold at least one Beat Poetry Contest - FAIL
5. Make a decision about a retirement date and act on it - ACCOMPLISHED
6. Stain the deck - FAIL
7. Re-roof the shed and deal with its foundation issues - FAIL
8. Buy Crystal flowers at least once-a-month (another "streak") - EPIC FAIL
9. Surprise people I care about with written letters for no particular reason beyond love - FAIL
10. See the glass half full more often - FAIL

30% accomplishment rate. Not too good. Let's see if we can do better in 2017.

To wit, here are my 2017 Kerouac-olutions:

1. Go somewhere with Crystal we've never been 
2. Buy Crystal flowers at least once-a-month (a streak)
3. Attend to home repairs (shed, deck, driveway, chimney flashing)
4. Start acting like a writer (i.e., write)
5. Read something by Kerouac I haven't yet read (e.g., Some of the Dharma, The Unknown Kerouac)
6. Keep The Daily Beat streak going for another year
7. Work out at least twice a week (three if possible)
8. Take a road trip to Pennsylvania and visit Charlie on one leg of the trip (which would satisfy #1)
9. Visit the California Dales
10. Sing and play guitar more

I know most of those sound more like goals than aspirational, life-changing resolutions, but so be it. There are some repeats from 2016 on there. Repetition is how we learn. And there are many other things to do in 2017, such as hang out with my friend, Richard, visit Lowell (Jack's grave) at least once, meditate regularly, and so on.

With the resolutions herewith communicated, what's left is to wish you the Hap-Hap-Happiest New Year ever.

Keep the Kerouac spirit alive in 2017!


And dig the ride....

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