Sunday, October 19, 2008


Seven entries in The Beat Handbook have to do with the "beat diet." Day 17 is titled "On Breakfast," and provides the recipe for making slumgullion, the meal discussed in the version of On The Road I used (1976):

“Tomorrow morning I’ll make you another nice breakfast, slumgullion, d’yever eat good oldfashioned slumgullion boy, ‘taint nothin but scrambled eggs and potatoes all scrambled up together” (p. 172).

This morning I made home-fried potatoes (n = 4), adding some chopped up onion and minced garlic and salt and pepper. When they were ready I threw in three eggs and stirred the whole thing around until the eggs were cooked. We ate it with ketchup.

Yummy. And it knocked off the Kerouactivity for Day 17, which asks the reader to write down the date they next make slumgullion and give the recipe details.

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Anonymous said...

A good stick to your ribs breakfast before our hike and "drinking for a cause" in H-well.