Thursday, October 30, 2008

A Kerouac Christmas

Okay. Let's get something out of the way right off the bat. I know it's politically incorrect to use the term Christmas. But you know what? Having a blog titled, "A Kerouac Holiday" is lame beyond description. So deal with it. If you can't deal with it, read Day 66 in The Beat Handbook for furthur (intentional spelling) instructions. Or else go jump off a bridge. There's enough hate in the world already.

No, I'm not angry. I'm just tired of bullshit.

Now, on to the topic of my post. If you are looking for a beat CHRISTMAS present for someone, how about a first edition of On The Road? (A signed first edition would be even better!) Don't think you can find a first edition? Check out Manhattan Rare Books. Hey! It's only $8,000. (More than Jack made some years, but then there is the matter of Bushflation.) I saw one as cheap as $5,000 at

I saw a "first edition" on craigslist for $75. Can you say, "rip-off"?

I'll admit--8 grand is pricey. Especially in these economic times.

I'd take a copy of The Subterraneans (Amazon, used, 4 bucks) and be quite happy.

Just sayin'....

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