Thursday, November 27, 2008

Jack Kerouac, Thanksgiving Day, football

During his senior year at Lowell HS, according to Kerouac legend, Jack scored the winning touchdown against rival Lawrence in the "Turkey Day Classic" on Thanksgiving Day 1938. In researching this little tidbit of trivia, I found this website, which is a concise compilation of details about Jack: Jack Kerouac: Safe in Heaven Drunk.

That's all for today. We are giving thanks in our household for family, friends, love, health, food, warmth, shelter, and the freedom to assemble and give thanks unfettered by government interference in the first place. Not everyone on this planet can say that. My heart goes out to them.

I hope your holiday is everything you wish.


Crystal said...

Good post, Sweetheart. I second all of that and add, lightheartedly, that I'm particularly thankful for our fireplace this year. So nice and cozy . . .

TK Kerouac said...

Hi Rick

You left a comment on my asking for a invite to my private blog

I would need your gmail address in order to invite you, or whatever email address you are using.

I see you are a kerouac fan/historian. Looks as if your book would be a good read.
My grandfather was Jack Kerouacs uncle. I am also a Kerouac.
We come from a long line of eccentric,creative, hard drinking relatives.