Saturday, November 1, 2008

October's free book winner!

October saw only two posts that were eligible to win a free copy of The Beat Handbook. They were as follows:

dizzy lizzy said:

This is brilliant! I wish it worked out better for you, but it's a start. Keep thinking outside the box; it'll all work out soon!

fat free milk said:

Great site! I look forward to exploring it further!

Now, I must be honest and say that neither of these posts is particularly "beat." However, I said that the "beatest" comment would win, and dizzy lizzy gets the nod because at least her post mentions "thinking outside the box," which is what a beat does.

So, dizzy lizzy, e-mail me ( your snail mail address and I will ship you a free copy ot The Beat Handbook, no strings attached (except my request for a 5-star review on Amazon, which I think you already accomplished).

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