Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Beat Poetry Contest 2nd place winner

Second place in the Beat Poetry Contest goes to Nicole Taylor for her Bukowski-inspired poem, "Sunny Disposition Now." Congratulations, Nicole!

Sunny Disposition Now
by Nicole Taylor

Sat sunning last Wednesday,
while a neighbor across
said hello and
complained of dog disturbances
and squawking crows.
I can agree
to this
and enjoying
the spring chirpies.


nicole said...

Thanks. I think this is my first win outside Oregon and the Willamette Valley. Too many rejection replies lately. I have many more Beat poems and other specific themes. I want a chapbook or something soon. No chapbook contests! I don't like rejections. So many great Oregon poets.

Anonymous said...

your poets hand is deft and you english is grand, in any of your poems, do you take a stand. creative or not, is not to say, please keep creating though you may not be brave. have some balls and speak out to the people who read, they all have a hunger that any can feed.