Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Beat Poetry Contest 3rd place winner

Third place in the Beat Poetry Contest goes to Thomas S. Ferland for his poem, "Smiling At the Moon." Congratulations, Thomas!

Smiling At the Moon
by Thomas S. Ferland

What now tonight?
Who is it? the guilty man-
the word man-
the one who stands aloft with the moon
The word makes it full like the the moon-
it misleads- misspeaks- mistakes-
but it's always - always the moon.

How wholly fooled ?
fooled and thinking –
idle- ideal- idealized normality-
Nonsense, these senses deceive-
We're all enamored by this material-
but there is no we, no it, no fool
Only the moon.

They all want to be strapped into some helpless hopeless box
Spinning in the void.
No one is looking, or hearing, but all they want is the sound and sight-
Think no more-
Only smile-
For if it stops the world will cease to be,
But not the moon.

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