Saturday, December 29, 2012

A Kerouac cartoon

The below cartoon was recently posted on the Jack Kerouac Facebook page. The poster couldn't identify the cartoonist - maybe a Daily Beat reader can help - and said he found it tucked inside Tom Clark's Kerouac biography.

It's not too flattering to our hero, but I thought Daily Beat readers would find it of interest. Kerouac fans know that you have to be larger than life to deserve such a lampooning, and we can take it in stride.


Rick Dale, author of The Beat Handbook said...

Mystery solved. The cartoonist is Tim Bradford.,,1286713,00.html

Tim Bradford said...

Hi Rick - I am a massive Kerouac fan but you should never hesitate to have a gentle pop at your heroes. This was part of a short season called Writers' Workshop which appeared in The Guardian Saturday Review section in summer 2004 - other cartoons included the Brontes, Dickens, Joyce, Samuel Johnson and Kafka.

(Incidentally my favourite novel is Dharma Bums - a friend has just given me back my beloved and ancient paperback that I originally bought in a secondhand bookshop in Houston. Tiny writing but it smells of the 1970s.)

Cheers, Tim

Rick Dale, author of The Beat Handbook said...

Tim, we agree. The Dharma Bums is my favorite as well. Thanks for the website - check it out, Daily Beat readers!