Monday, February 1, 2016

Published and unpublished Kerouac work

Below is an entry I posted on Blackboard last week in response to student questions from my Kerouac class. Members of the Facebook Kerouac page can also click here for a list of Kerouac books compiled by Dave Moore.

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I received two questions on an index card from class yesterday and thought I'd answer them with some resources to check out that may have future use. That is, they may come in handy for your research paper.
Question 1: How many different published pieces did Kerouac have?
For an answer to this, check out this page from Literary Kicks, a site you might want to check out in general:
Note that the above does not include the numerous pieces Jack had published in magazines, such as this poem from Bastard Angel #2 in Spring 1974 that is unpublished elsewhere:

Question 2: How many unpublished ones (estimated) did he have?
For an answer to this, check out Paul Maher, Jr.'s (a noted Kerouac biographer) piece at Empty Mirror (another site you might want to become familiar with):

You also might want to check out the catalog of the Jack Kerouac Papers archived at the New York Public Library here:

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