Friday, November 27, 2020

Kerouac favorite book survey update #5



We initiated a survey back in 2018 where participants chose their favorite Kerouac book from a list. It's time to again revisit the results as we have 66 responses (for the last update, on December 15, 2018, we had only 44).

The results shown above break down as follows:

The Dharma Bums           28.8%   (19 responses)
On The Road                    16.7%   (11)
Desolation Angels            15.2%   (10)
Big Sur                             15.2%   (10)
The Subterraneans             9.1%   (6)
Visions of Cody                  4.5%   (3)
Tristessa                             3.0%   (2)
Dr. Sax                               1.5%   (1)
Maggie Cassidy                 1.5%   (1)
The Town and the City       1.5%   (1)
Visions of Gerard               1.5%   (1)
Other                                  1.5%   (1)

This was a non-scientific survey with no attention paid to sampling. Plus, Google Forms allows individuals to vote more than once. Still, it does yield some insights. I wonder what book the single response to Other refers to -- Vanity of Duluoz? As in past updates, The Dharma Bums retains first place, a result with which I personally agree (as regular readers know).

If you didn't already respond, click HERE for the survey link (within the original post). Please only respond once.

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