Tuesday, July 26, 2011

A great little piece on Ginsberg & Kerouac

I just happened on a great little piece that readers of The Daily Beat will appreciate. Click here.

After quoting from a Ginsberg article about Kerouac in Tricycle magazine, the author, S.M. Abeles, concludes:
Oh!, such beauty about such beauty, it leaves one craving more. Criticism with insight, as good as the subject -- from writers who lived, ran, celebrated, mourned, wrote with and edited one another -- is special. Today we do more like what I do here -- provide links -- versus literature. It may be I write from ignorance -- I don't read a lot of criticism -- but maybe it's simpler: No one rolled together like the Beats rolled together, and only the insights gleaned from a shared life's battle can give rise to the kind of writing missed.


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