Thursday, July 28, 2011

Kerouac rally time

It's time for Kerouac fans to descend on a website in defense of our beloved Jack. I think it would be great if Molly Shalgos, author of this lame article, Favorite Books of the Secretly Jerky, received a whole shitload of comments lambasting her about her inane comments regarding On The Road, which she calls "a bunch of rambling about eating some sandwiches and driving around while eating sandwiches, and driving around, and them making some more sandwiches, which you will then eat while driving around."

I know. She meant it tongue-in-cheek. So let's blast her for fun, not because we're really offended, because we all know Jack's work needs no defense. But she put it out there and I think she should reap it.

Who's with me?

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