Tuesday, October 20, 2020

A three-fer Kerouac date UPDATED


      Poet #1                         Poet #2               Poet #3

This is a red-letter day in Kerouac-dom. Three well-known poets with Jack Kerouac connections were born on this date, October 20. The first two were in part identified as Beat poets and were contemporaries of Kerouac, while the third was an important Kerouac/Beat influencer. Poet #1 was born in 1932, Poet #2 was born in 1923, and Poet #3 was born in 1854.

Poet #1 appeared in several Kerouac works: as Ike O'Shay in The Dharma Bums; McLear in Big Sur; and, Patrick McLear in Desolation Angels. Poet #2 appeared in several Kerouac works: as Warren Coughlin in The Dharma Bums; and Ben Fagan in Desolation Angels and Big Sur. Poet #3 died in 1891, before Kerouac was born, and thus was not fodder for a Kerouac character.

Your job today is to be first to identify all three poets and name them in a comment on this post.

If you give up, you can click on the below for biographical information and sample poetry:

Poet #1

Poet #2

Poet #3

UPDATE: I just realized that today is V.P. candidate Kamala (COMMA-la) Harris' birthday. She was born in 1964. I hope you voted already or have a plan to vote so that your voice is heard. I voted absentee last week.

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