Thursday, October 15, 2020

Kerouac dates while I was away camping

 We were away for a week at a campground and I missed three Kerouac dates of note.

Gabrielle Kerouac, Jack's mother, died on October 12, 1973. She appeared as Angie in Vanity of Duluoz and Desolation Angels; Ma in Book of Dreams; Angy in Maggie Cassidy; Angy Duluoz in Doctor Sax; Ange Duluoz in Visions of Gerard; Marguerite Martin in The Town and the City; and, Sal's Aunt in On The Road.

Bill Cannastra, who had been the boyfriend of Kerouac's second wife, Joan Haverty, died on October 12, 1950. He appeared in Jack Kerouac's works as follows: Finistra in Visions of Cody; Cannastra Finistra in Book of Dreams; and (probably) Charley Krasner in The Subterraneans.

Bea Franco, one of Jack's paramours, was born on October 13, 1920. She was represented as Terry, "the Mexican girl," in Jack Kerouac's 1957 classic novel, On The Road.

If you want to see pictures of any of the above three, check out previous posts on this blog or do a little Googling. I didn't have time today to post any but wanted to note these dates before too much time elapsed. For example, click HERE or HERE.

Of course, we have a significant October date coming up next week. Stay tuned for that....

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