Monday, July 11, 2011

In the night-time heat

In the night-time heat, June bugs buzzing on the screen - don't they know it's July? - I sit motionless, feeling the sweat roll down my chest. I hear a car idling across the street and wonder what it's doing there, whether the occupants are perhaps enjoying an air-conditioned respite from their sweltering house, or maybe they are moonlight lovers sneaking in a sweaty rendezvous, their temperatures rivaling the outside's. Who knows what can happen on a night like this? Murder, mayhem, music, booze, sex, drugs all melting together on a sultry summer night revolving in its own steamy torture. Sleep won't come so a writer writes and down in the heartless city an old man dies of heat stroke. Alone in the endless world.

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Anonymous said...

You're describing a very East Coast moment...I can relate!