Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Day 76 Kerouaction: On Nudity

Today's Kerouaction is brought to you by the above passage from On The Road, which inspired Day 76 in The Beat Handbook, titled "On Nudity."

Did you notice that I didn't use a comma before "On Nudity"? I chose not to, even though one is probably called for. Did you notice that I ended that last sentence with a preposition even though it's considered improper? I am flaunting convention, just like Dean did by running around the car naked near Ozona.

The beats weren't shy about nudity. Ginsburg often took off his clothes in public. It's an expression of freedom, and it's good for the soul. We are way too uptight about our bodies, and it's all cultural conditioning.

What's stopping you from taking off all of your clothes right now and running around naked?

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