Thursday, March 12, 2009

March 12: On Jack's Birthday

Today's Kerouaction

Today is Jack Kerouac' birthday. Happy Birthday, Jack. We wish you were still around writing new adventures for us to read. You'd have been 87 today.

In honor of this most special occasion, the Kerouaction for Jack's birthday is to take a moment some time during the day and read a favorite Kerouac passage or two. Out loud would be good. Out loud and drunk would be even better.

I put together a little photo tribute as a way of honoring the occasion. It includes my 1957 copy of On The Road, my journal, a pen, The Beat Handbook, a bottle of Jack, a red flannel shirt, my hiking boots, and, of course, my cat Karma (who would not cooperate!). I sold my old typewriter to Kerri or that would be in the picture, too.

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