Saturday, March 28, 2009

March 28: On Greetings

Today's Kerouaction

Jack made a big thing over greetings and farewells. They are important transition points where relationships are concerned. He often detailed his first words to a new girl or how he and a girl or a friend parted, like the time he wrote "MAY YOU USE THE DIAMONDCUTTER OF MERCY" on a thumbnail-sized piece of paper and gave it to Japhy as the two were saying goodbye for what would be a long time.

I got an idea for greetings from comrade m, who posted a response to my March 20 entry on new words. Once upon a time, I compiled a long list of unusual responses (i.e., interesting and seldom-used words) to the question, "How are you today?" My intention was to use a different one each day. I never remembered to do it. But now, thanks to comrade m, I am re-committing myself to the practice.

Here are some to get started.

Instead of happy, say: blithe, convivial, felicitous, jocund, propitious
Instead of sad, say: acrimonious, churlish, saturnine, taciturn
Instead of angry, say: choleric, irascible, nettled, splenetic
Instead of thoughtful, say: excogitative, pensive, ruminative, speculative
Instead of horny, say: concupiscent, lacivious (thanks, comrade m), libidinous, randy
Instead of anxious, say: agog, disquieted, fervent, keen
Instead of confident, say: cocksure, intrepid, sanguine, undaunted

Let us know if you come up with some other adjectives, or tell us about your experiences using them.

How are you today?

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Comrade M said...

I do what I can :)Today I'm feeling bookish and astute. (In addition to lascivious, for the sake of keeping things interesting. haha)