Monday, March 9, 2009

March 9: On the Beat Diet

Today's Kerouaction

"What would Kerouac eat?" is simply a permutation of "What would Kerouac do?" If you're with me this far for Jack Kerouac Month, you already know that I am attempting to create a new Kerouaction (my term for the answer to the latter question) every day in March. Readers of the The Beat Handbook know that I included a number of entries about "The Beat Diet," all based on foods eaten by characters in either The Dharma Bums or On The Road.

Here's a food entry from The Dharma Bums that I didn't include in The Beat Handbook:

I went into a supermarket and bought some concentrated orange juice and nutted cream cheese and whole wheat bread, which would make nice meals till tomorrow, when I'd hitchhike on through the other side of town.

"Nutted cream cheese"?

Never heard of it before, but sure enough Philadelphia makes something called Honey Nut Cream Cheese.

And did he make up the orange juice to drink or smear it on his bread along with the nutted cream cheese?

I'd like to think he did the latter. Sounds yummy!

Next time you're at the grocery store, you know what to do . . . .

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