Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Free passes to Kerouac documentary screening

Back on October 13 I posted about a contest to win free passes to the screening of the new Kerouac documentary, One Fast Move Or I'm Gone, in Pittsburgh. Guess what?
I won!

Two things. First, they changed the date to October 28. Second, I don't yet have details on how to pick up the passes.

I said in my earlier post I'd sell them to the highest bidder (since I can't travel 800 miles), but I've decided to give them (i.e., tell how to pick them up) to the first person to respond to this post with a legitimate-sounding commitment to actually attend the event. In other words, someone from the Pittsburgh-ish area.

You can help by spreading the word! Do you know a Kerouac fan in the Pittsburgh area? Maybe they'd be up for free passes.

I've seen the documentary, and it's very well done.

The clock is running....


C. said...

oh, you're so lucky! They're screening it tonight here in Chicago, for one night only...and I have a night class.
You will definitely have to give a review.

C. said...

I totally didn't read that all the way through. That's the way I'm working this morning, apparently. Well, cheers to whoever gets to go. HA!

Rick Dale, author of The Beat Handbook said...

Cristin, we all have days like that!