Monday, October 19, 2009

Tangiers: An exotic Kerouac fan destination

If you want to put an exotic Kerouac fan destination on your list of Kerouactivities, perhaps you might want to check out Tangiers. You can still stay where Jack stayed (Hotel El Muniria) and drink where Jack drank (Tanger Inn). Read Desolation Angels for Jack's experiences there. For a few travel-important details, check out The beat moves on.

Of course, there are any number of additional reasons to visit Tangiers: history (espionage), culture (mrouzia), geography (ocean, mountains, and deserts), etc. James Bond seemed to hang out there a lot; that, in itself, speaks volumes. And if you're a Casablanca film fan, you could always check out the real city while you're over there. I did see a travel alert regarding land mines in the Western Sahara, and Casablanca experienced a suicide bombing as recently as April 2007.

So ... be an adventurous but cautious traveler!

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