Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Beat Hero #3?

This story (click here) appeared in the paper today and it blew my mind. Christopher Knight lived in the woods alone for 27 years, talking to another human being only once in all that time! He spent his time reading and meditating. Yes, he stole to sustain himself, but only what he needed to survive just as Kerouac and company did in their road trip years ( "You know what President Truman said," Remi would say. 'We must cut down on the cost of living.'"). Mr. Knight didn't even have heat, and I know how cold and snowy and windy it gets because his "camp" in the woods near Rome, ME, is probably less than a couple of miles from our house!

I think this guy might be Beat Hero #3.

The question is: Will I ever get a chance to interview  him?

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