Sunday, April 21, 2013

The Dharma Bums Quiz Chapters 11-21

Here's a quiz I gave my college students about Chapters 11-21 in The Dharma Bums to make sure they did the reading. For some reason, they like my quizzes. I don't think it's because they're too easy because there is a scattering of scores, and I don't think one would do too well without reading the assigned chapters because the distracters make sense (for the most part). How would you do? If you post your answers as a comment, I'll let you know.

1. Who makes it to the top of the Matterhorn?
a. just Japhy
b. just Ray
c. just Morely
d. Japhy and Ray

2. What did Japhy do a couple of times while climbing?
a. vomited from overexertion
b. went so far ahead that the others were worried about getting lost
c. took off his pants and climbed in his jockstrap
d. had visions and told the others about them

3. Japhy wouldn’t go in the first restaurant they stopped at after the climb because:
a. he had no money at all
b. he wasn’t dressed well enough
c. the restaurant was full of bums
d. he wanted to get to San Francisco in a hurry

4. Japhy predicts:
a. the United States will become mostly Buddhist
b. a rucksack revolution of Zen Lunatics
c. he and Ray will live out their lives in Japan
d. Ray and Princess will get married

5. What was Rosie worried about?
a. plutonium in the drinking water
b. Cody leaving her
c. everybody getting arrested
d. a rucksack revolution

6. Rosie died from:
a. slashing her wrists and jumping off a 6-story roof
b. slashing her wrists
c. shooting herself with Ray’s gun
d. overdosing on pills

7. What technique to cure his phlebitis did Ray learn from a bum?
a. drinking vinegar
b. jogging
c. standing on his head
d. meditating

8. On his first night back east at his mother’s, Ray:
a. goes out in the wintry woods to meditate
b. gets in a big fight with his mother
c. goes out to a bar and gets drunk
d. finds out his beloved cat died

9. What is something Ray didn’t do during his stay in North Carolina?
a. write poetry
b. meditate
c. shoot basketball
d. hit the bars frequently

10. A major tension with his family during Ray’s stay in North Carolina was over:
a. his drinking
b. his not working
c. his Buddhism
d. his cat


john j dorfner said...

the only question I wasn't sure of was number 3. what I enjoyed the quiz. ;)

Rick Dale, author of The Beat Handbook said...

3 = b.