Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Another Kerouac-related cartoon (about hitchhiking)

I doubt that the creators of Hi and Lois thought about Jack Kerouac when they drew today's cartoon, but I sure thought about Jack because of the hitchhiking theme.

I wish hitchhiking weren't illegal in so many places, but would that stop Jack Kerouac?

Here are some hitchhiking resources you might want to check out:

Hitchers Spot on the Web

As I've said before, regrettably, I've had little hitchhiking experience. My sole experience was hitchhiking home from college (a whopping 55 miles). It must have been in 1976, because I remember getting the major portion of the ride from a guy who was a campaign worker for Presidential candidate Morris "Mo" Udall. This was in central Pennsylvania (from Lock Haven to Wellsboro).

What about picking up hitchhikers? Sadly, I tend to avoid it, and I don't have a great rationale other than irrational fear about picking up a psycho serial killer. I probably miss out on meeting some really interesting beat characters.

What would Jack Kerouac do?

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Baltimore Colts fan said...

Kerouac would pick up the hitchhiker and have him drive, stopping at every bar along the way.