Sunday, August 19, 2012

Calling all Jack Kerouac fans

In this article by Amanda Marcotte in Slate (who has probably never read a single Kerouac book), she begins with this sentence:
All my adult life, I’ve been served well by avoiding two categories of readers: people who like Jack Kerouac and people who think Humbert Humbert is the hero of “Lolita.”
I think it would be awesome if a shitload of Kerouac fans commented on Marcotte's article and set her straight about Jack.

Who's first?


Rick Dale, author of The Beat Handbook said...

Here's my comment:

Now I have one other reason to love Jack Kerouac: because of him, I don't have to expend any effort avoiding people like you, Amanda.

You've already labeled me a misogynist with bad taste in literature and someone to avoid, so I suspect that I am not worthy to engage in a conversation. I do have a question, however, that I would love an honest answer to: Which of Jack's books did you read in forming your opinion of him as a writer?

p.c├ęsare said...

She doesn't deserve any single comment on her article...