Friday, August 31, 2018

2 new items for my Kerouac bookshelf

I probably won't curate these because they weren't on my Kerouac bookshelf when I started my curation project, but I thought I'd mention these two new acquisitions.

First is this December 1965 Escapade magazine with a Last Word column by Jack Kerouac on bullfighting (it appears in Chapter 2 of Lonesome Traveler) that I read about in Jim Christy's The Long Slow Death of Jack Kerouac (curated here). I won't lie - the eye candy from 1965 beats anything going today. Sorry for the picture quality -- I am leaving it in its protective plastic sleeve as much as possible. $10.99 on eBay.

Second is this copy of Robert Lowry's The Big Cage, which I also read about in Jim Christy's Kerouac bio. $10.50 on eBay. It's queued up in my reading list....

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