Monday, November 5, 2018

Reminder about Jack Kerouac on reddit

This is just a reminder that there is a Jack Kerouac page on reddit (a "subreddit") that focuses on all things Kerouac. It's not a very busy place (yet), but there are some interesting posts there. For example, 2 days ago someone posted that they were having a cognac at the Tangerrin, where Jack and the Beats drank. I think it's this place (albeit the spelling differences).

Click here to visit the Kerouac subreddit.

If you're not familiar with reddit, give it a chance. It takes some exploring to get used to how it works, but there is a lot of information there. Do some searching and if you find subreddits you like, subscribe to them and posts there will then show up in your reddit home feed.

Self-disclosure: I am the creator and moderator of this subreddit, but there's nothing in it for me except having just one more place on-line devoted to Jack Kerouac.

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