Monday, December 31, 2018

Jack Kerouac's The Dharma Bums Chapter 10 in one sentence

Your assignment for today was to read Chapter 10 of The Dharma Bums and summarize it in one sentence. Below is my one-sentence summary -- post yours as a comment. I'd also love to see general comments about the chapter, or questions.

The Dharma Bums Chapter 10 in one sentence:
Japhy makes dinner at camp -- bulgur with vegetables, chocolate pudding, and tea -- and, as Japhy predicted, Ray forgets all about alcohol, they talk about characters they've known, Japhy gives Ray a set of juju beads (he is always practicing charity), Ray is inspired by Japhy to begin a new life and tramp all over the country with a rucksack "the pure way," after a night's sleep they yodel for Morley and hear his response, Ray washes his face in the cold creek, they can just see Morley far below, Morley starts spouting nonsense as soon as he is within talking distance, and he finds Japhy and Ray sitting on a sunlit rock waiting for him.

Your next assignment is to read The Dharma Bums Chapter 11 and post a one-sentence summary.

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