Thursday, December 20, 2018

Jack Kerouac's The Dharma Bums Chapter 2 in one sentence

Your assignment for today was to read Chapter 2 of The Dharma Bums. Below is my one-sentence summary -- post yours as a comment. I'd also love to see general comments about the chapter, or questions.

The Dharma Bums Chapter 2 in one sentence:
After hitchhiking to San Francisco courtesy of a beautiful darling young blonde in a cinnamon-red Lincoln Mercury, Ray Smith meets the number one Dharma Bum, Japhy Ryder, then goes out to a bar with a bunch of poets preparing for a reading at the Gallery Six, exchanges Zen koans with Japhy, takes up a collection for wine to pass around at the reading -- an event that signaled the birth of the San Francisco poetry Renaissance -- and afterwards goes out for Chinese food with the poets, anticipating everything he has to learn from Japhy including how to handle girls.

Your next assignment is to read The Dharma Bums Chapter 3 and be prepared to post a one-sentence summary.

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