Wednesday, December 12, 2018

What does that have to do with Jack Kerouac?

The title of this post is the question I try to ask myself every time I post here on The Daily Beat, given that I have frequently proclaimed it as "the most Kerouac-obsessed blog on the planet." Sometimes I publish a post and it is not explicitly obvious that the post relates to Jack Kerouac, in which case I try to remember to make that connection explicit.

I hope when I do the latter that I am not being insulting to Kerouac aficionados. I have to keep in mind that some folks stumble on my blog posts who don't know a thing about Kerouac, and therefore would likely not know the connection to Jack. Since that connection is the sine qua non of this blog, I feel compelled to spell it out when it's not explicit.

For example, I might post about Allen Ginsberg. True Kerouac fans know the Kerouac connection there, but even quasi-fans might not, let alone non-fans. Therefore, I may point out what is obvious to many (i.e., for example, that Ginsberg was one of the Beat Generation core members, friend of Kerouac, etc.).

I hope all of the above made sense. And I hope that my use of that is, for example, and et cetera in one parenthetical did not overly violate writing decorum.

My mission here is to keep the spirit of Jack Kerouac alive. To that end, every post I publish needs to have some connection to him, even if it's tangential at best.

Like I always say, "everything connects to Kerouac." If you doubt it, comment with some obscure topic and I'll do my best to connect it to Kerouac in a reply.

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