Thursday, December 13, 2018

Kerouac favorite book survey results update #3

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With a respectable 39 responses to date, the My Favorite Kerouac Book Survey results are getting interesting. We have a tie for first place and a couple of books showed up for the first time. Every book on the list now has at least one vote. The only missing category is Other -- maybe I should have included Lonesome Traveler? Here are the results (the numbers in parentheses are the number of votes cast for that book):

On the Road                           20.5%   (8)
The Dharma Bums                 20.5%   (8)
Big Sur                                   15.4%   (6)
Desolation Angels                  12.8%   (5)
The Subterraneans                 10.3%   (4)
Visions of Cody                         7.7%  (3)
Dr. Sax                                      2.6%   (1)
Maggie Cassidy                        2.6%   (1)
The Town and the City              2.6%   (1)
Tristessa                                    2.6%   (1)
Visions of Gerard                      2.6%   (1)

As you can see, with a small n like we have here, a single vote one way or the other can make a big difference in percentage. Therefore it's good to look at the raw tallies in order to get a real perspective on how close things really are. 

Hopefully, no one is gaming the system and voting more than once.

Tally ho!

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