Saturday, December 15, 2018

Kerouac favorite book survey results update #4


Now that we have 44 responses, I thought I'd update you on the Kerouac favorite book survey. Below are the standings.

The Dharma Bums                 20.5%    (9)
On the Road                           18.2%    (8)
Big Sur                                   15.9%    (7)
Desolation Angels                  13.6%    (6)
The Subterraneans                 11.4%    (5)
Visions of Cody                         6.8%   (3)
Tristessa                                    4.5%   (2)
Dr. Sax                                      2.3%   (1)
Maggie Cassidy                        2.3%   (1)
The Town and the City              2.3%   (1)
Visions of Gerard                      2.3%   (1)

As you can see, The Dharma Bums -- rightfully -- has taken the lead away from On the Road. Ha! Am I going to Kerouac hell because I said rightfully? Tristessa picked up a vote and moved out of a last place 5-way tie.

Does anything surprise you about the results to date?

Here is the link in case you haven't voted yet: All you have to do is visit the link, click a radio button next to your favorite Kerouac book, and click Submit. Three clicks. Easy!

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