Monday, August 15, 2011

Interview with Travis Tribble: Beat Hero #1

Readers of The Daily Beat will recall my June 25, 2011 post about Travis Tribble, who arrived in San Francisco with $70 in his pocket and is living such a beat lifestyle that I dubbed him, "Beat Hero #1." I reached out to Travis and he said he'd be happy to participate in an e-mail interview.

Below is that (unedited) interview. Interviews with interesting people are so much fun! I found Travis' answers fascinating and I think you will, too. I especially love his advice! And I want one of those tattoos!

Thanks, Travis, and good luck with your beat dreams!


The Daily Beat: What has been the reaction to the article about you on SFGate?

Travis: The Barista at Cafe' Trieste Has Re-Named me "Hella Famous". All around this city people have been looking for this kind of notoriety, but its just like catching a stray bullet. Some of the older folks that hang around north beach were pissed. Other's thought it was grand. One guy offered to record my album.

TDB: What led to your decision to come live in San Francisco with $70 in your pocket?

Travis: If I had waited another day it would have been $20 in my pocket.

TDB: Was Jack Kerouac, or any other beat generation writer, an influence on you? If so, how?

Travis: When was kicked off of the boat i lived on 2 years ago in Seattle i couldn't sleep because it was too cold. I had to break into the laundry room and there was on the road. I related so well to the actions of those characters that i found out what the beat generation was. I suppose thats why the book is so famous. My dearest friend told me San Francisco was "all about" the beat generation when i told him about my experience. He was correct.

TDB: Describe any memorable experiences you’ve had in San Francisco related to Jack Kerouac or the beats.

Travis: Well, I get to use all the resonant energy left by them here. That's a damn fine experience

TDB: The pic on SFGate was of you in front of Vesuvio’s. What can you tell our readers about the place?

Travis: Vesuvio's is a beautifully funky bar thats mostly swarmed by tourists because the beats used to meet there and you can feel why when your there. It might be very touristy but it's not swathed with gimmicks like the Fishermans Wharf. They have great whiskey soda's. Go on a Tuesday.

TDB: You called San Francisco “the city of my dreams.” Why?

Travis: Whatever you want is here and more of it and better. Unless you want snow.

TDB: Do you write poetry? If so, is there a poem you could share with our readers?

Travis: Yes.

TDB: How would you describe your musical style?

Travis: "Babylonian Folklore Music"- Robert Racine.

TDB: Tell us about the Liguria Hotel (where you are staying).

Travis: Tat's Giving day was july 15th where eight out of now twelve people got the address of the hotel Liguria tattooed somewhere on themselves because as far as Brandon (who has been there for 6 years now) says, there has never been such an incredible force of creativity at that hotel. We all just get along like fresh lovers.

TDB: What advice do you have for young people reading this interview?

Travis: Hit the road when you get board or tired or desperate or stuck in dugs. It's not as scary as you might think.


Crystal said...

So where's the poem???

Rick Dale, author of The Beat Handbook said...

I know - I need to ask Travis about that.