Tuesday, August 9, 2011

"Magic Trip" Director Alex Gibney interview

"Magic Trip" is director Alex Gibney's movie in which he pieced together actual footage from Ken Kesey's travels with the Merry Pranksters on Furthur. It's a "must-see" for beat fans as it includes footage of Neal Cassady, Allen Ginsberg, and our hero, Jack Kerouac. Click here to read an interview with Gibney as well as watch a trailer for the film that contains a couple short clips of Neal and a very quick shot of Jack.

The interview is not too kind to Jack, although from my own reading it appears to be accurate. By the time Jack met up with the Pranksters, he was pretty disillusioned.

On their trip that started in 1964, the Pranksters intended to visit the World's Fair in New York City. My father took me and my brother to the Fair, so I may have been there at the same time! Weird.

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